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Shaping futures one word at a time

On Thursday 28th September, the whole school enjoyed meeting and working with the very talented and inspirational poet and lyricist, Karl Nova. Karl, spoke to us about his life, the challenges he faced in childhood and how he used his exceptional talent for words to manage his thoughts and regulate his emotions to become the positive role model that he is today.

The course of the day saw Karl complete workshops with all year groups; supporting students to create their own poems; enabling their voice to be heard while deepening their understanding for English literature and how it has shaped more modern forms of what may be considered the ‘art of word’.

The appreciation of the English language and how our words can be used for positive effects on others was at the forefront of Karl’s talk as he demonstrated how he uses his talent to project a positive attitude to learning, being a good citizen and ultimately respecting one another.

Karl’s message to the students was clear; their voice matters. The visit linked superbly with our ever-prominent drive on British Values at Newbridge with a core focus on valuing diversity, difference and the students knowing that they are unique and worthy of a fantastic education.