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Students who have been permanently excluded from their School will be referred to Newbridge School by Worcester Children’s Services hard to place exclusions officer.

As a school we recognise that this can be a challenging and stressful time for the child and their family.

The purpose of the admissions and induction procedure is to provide care and support to sensitively help the parent carer and child through the transfer process and to ensure that students and their parent carers receive accurate information and guidance from Newbridge School on their options and choices following the referral.

Newbridge School aims to provide an admissions process that is fair and comprehensive and to explain the process for admissions so that families and students know what to expect at each stage. We support students and their parent carers through the process whilst exploring the reasons for the referral and begin to manage circumstances that resulted in a permanent exclusion.

As a school we ensure we fully explain to parent carers the responsibilities and duties we uphold, fully consult with parent carers and students throughout the process and create and maintain a positive, purposeful working relationship with the student and parent carer.

It is our duty to support families and students so that they fully understand and engage in our school approach. Ensuring everyone understands the relationship between school and other agencies including the social care, health professionals and the police to assess the needs of students who are on roll at Newbridge School.

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